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Q:How did you get into the hair replacement industryPS:I was working at the time for a Fortune 500 company in sales. But I was suffering from hair loss, too. I found a company that at the time was producing the most natural-looking hair systems in the world. When I got my hair back I was amazed. I hadn even realized how much I had lost when I lost my hair and to get it all back forced me to make an easy career decision. I left my job and opened one of those studios so that I could help hair loss sufferers. I wanted to do for them what this other company did for me.Q:Why didn you stay with this other companyPS:It ended up becoming this typical story you hear about so often. They had an incredible product that they rightfully wanted to provide to more people. But they didn control the growth of the company. They got big overnight and they lost the magic, they lost the personal touch. Their quality control standards slipped. They basically became like everyone else so I began seeking an alternative.Q:That when you met up with White Cliffs Hair StudioPS:That right.Our hair contributes a lot on how we look. We often change our hairstyles if we are depressed or if we want to have a new look. Having shiny, long hair is not just in the genes but it is also about how we take care of our crowning glory.Over time, there are just things that we often take for granted, but these could bring permanent damage on our hair. Exposure to chlorinated water for example, is one thing that we should be aware that could damage our hair.Among other things that you should keep in mind in taking care of your hair are the following:- Eat healthy. If there are certain foods for the skin, the glow and shine of our hair also comes from within. Food rich in Vitamin A and C can help you produce sebum, which is produced in the scalp, and it moisturizes the hair naturally. It can be found in green vegetables like spinach and broccoli as well. Aside from that, a healthy and balanced diet is needed to have that healthy, glowing hair. Fruits, legumes, whole grains and lean proteins can be your way to a healthier hair and a healthier body as well.

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