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A salon is a place for cosmetic treatments of males and females. It also provides service related to facial aesthetic, skin health, foot care, meditation, aromatherapy, mud baths, oxygen therapy, etc. It includes beauty treatments like facials, body massage, pedicure, manicure, etc. to stimulate skin, relax and energize the face and restore the original condition of skin. Beautiful hair enhances our appearance. Washing it every two or three days makes them healthy. Coloring them with a suitable color is a fine option. Nail Care is an important part of personal grooming. A good makeup with fashionable clothes is useless if our nails are not up to the mark. Therefore, more attention is required for nail care. They must be kept short and should not be cut by scissors. They must be cleaned before applying nail polish or acrylic layer.Permanent waving is popular amongst women in Africa, as it is in Europe, but the aim is different. European women perm to put in curls whereas African women perm to remove them. The rule seems to be to fight nature whatever gifts it might bestow. Ghanaian women often say that they envy European hair and wish that their hair was equally easy to manage. At the same time, one hears European women complaining that their hair is so difficult they can do nothing with it. Vaguely remembering from school chemistry lessons that the process consists of controlling sulphur linkages in long chain polymer molecules, it is probably better for the layman to avoid getting further embroiled in this complex matter.

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