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But I was young and had only gotten my hair that way to look cute so I didn't maintain it correctly. Oh, it looked okay from an outsider's view but I hardly combed it and when I did, I didn't do a very thorough job. This lead to my loose real hair knotting up very badly and my shed hair tangling in the thread. I didn't know my hair had done this until I went back to my beautician (I'd kept it in for three months) and not only did she cut out the sew in but she had to cut my real hair to GET the tangled pieces out. Then after she took the weave out, she had to cut my hair even more once she took the braids out to even it up. I lost so much hair. Not to mention the bald spot toward the back of my head that wasn't there before the weave and God only knows where that can from! Me and my hair horror stories, I know. My point is hair weaves can help your hair grow, if your hair is reasonably healthy to start with. On their own they shouldn't cause hair loss.Although the mechanisms used in both methods are similar, the procedures are physically distinctive from one another. Generally, the main objective of hair removal is creating heat in the hair follicle for growth to be stunted. However, the creation and application of this heat differs in electrolysis and laser hair removal.In electrolysis, a machine is used for generating a galvanating electric current. You don't really have to be alarmed with this procedure since the electric current generated in electrolysis is different from consumer electric current. As soon as the current is generated, a needle is inserted into each hair follicle, and the current is allowed to flow through it to the hair follicle. This electric current heats and fries the hair follicles. This process is slow, time consuming, and operator dependent. You could just imagine the amount of hair follicles that need to be inserted with the needle. Moreover, the operator has to be sufficiently skilled in performing the procedure since hair follicles are embedded under the skin with an angle of around 30 to 35 degrees.

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