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Getting plugs has come a long way from where it began- an awkward row of plucked hairs looking nowhere natural. The amount of cosmetic hair surgery specialists has also grown, giving men the options they've wanted for ages. Women balding, on the other hand, is the opposite. When women lose their hair, they lose their crowning glory. Their femininity and identity, in some ways. I think most women are horrified by the thought of losing their hair. But women have their options, too. There's the scarf trend- with many designers incorporating the scarf as a real fashion complement. Wigs can be fun: you can change and alter your look- completely- with different wigs. Blond today, redhead tomorrow. Women are uncomfortable with wigs, especially if they're obviously not real. But women have the same option as men, getting a hair-weave or plugs...or even shaving.Karen searched the internet to find out about hair loss products . She ended up very confused. To her surprise she found that a whole range of products has flooded the market. There are shampoos, vitamins, combs, and capsules. But what is the right hair loss cure for Karen Do you have any advice Stop before you rush to grab that hair loss shampoo from the internet-shelf. Combat-Hair-Loss.co.uk not only gives online advice on hair loss and hair loss treatments, but also provides information on the different products available in the market.The mistake that most of us do is to wait till we experience excessive hair loss. Some wait to look for a hair loss cure until the scalp gets itchy and inflamed. But you are losing precious time if you do this.It's very important for you to first analyse the causes of your hair loss or thinning hair. Your treatment will proceed based on the causes.

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