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A full head of hair is considered a sign of beauty and strength. For this reason many people who have begun to lose their hair often panic and rush to hide or fix the problem. They find there are several options. They can choose over-the-counter hair restoration products, prescription drugs, laser combs, specialized shampoos, hairpieces or surgical hair replacement. Each method works to varying degrees depending on the severity of the hair loss. But for a growing number of people with severe hair loss the most effective and natural looking solution to their problem is surgical treatment to replace their hair.Human hair consists of the shaft which protrudes above the skin and the root located in the follicle below the skin. Temporary hair loss is caused by temporary damage to the hair follicles. This is called Telogen Effluvium. Permanent damage to the follicles, called Anagen Effluvium, leads to permanent baldness. About 25% of men and women begin seeing some hair loss by their mid-20s. By age 50 almost 85% of people begin to suffer with thinning hair.Massage oil well into the scalp and keep for a minimum of half-hour. This keeps your scalp nourished and conditioned. Avoid over-conditioning. Excessive employ of conditioner can damage your hair and basis split-ends. Try out these styling ideas: Work with your curl. If you have surface or curl in your hair, it's gorgeous, sexy and contemporary too, play that up. Employ gel or styling pomade to emphasize individual curls. Short and long pieces can be flipped rising. And one or two hairs around your face can be pin-curled and pulled off the face with small barrettes. Give straight hair a lift. If you have a straight, chin-length bob, you can update the look by texturizing the front of it. Just add a volumizing product and tease the hair. Then raise it off the forehead and protected it with a pretty hair accessory, like a barrette with flowers. If you don't want an Elvis-like poof, says Lepine, you can get lift by only adding a foam or volumizer to the roots of your hair, then tenderly teasing hair at the roots by gently pushing the ends of the hair towards the scalp with a brush.

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