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A crinoline is often mistaken for petticoats. A crinoline is basically a skirt made of layers and layers of stiff, lacey material that women wore under skirts to make them poofy back in the olden days. I inherited one of these amazing things from my step-great-grandmother for a play I was in. I was required to be a french-style maid and wanted to have as poofy a skirt as possible. Needless to say, I had the best and poofiest costume. A crinoline is priceless for any last minute amateur cosplay costume. It's worn under a loose, long (maybe tea length. If you can find one, buy a loose ankle length and pin up the hems) skirt. You can add an apron and a matching colored shirt, and a maid's hat made out of a paper doily folded in half and hot glued to a ribbon for a non-slutty maid costume in about 10 minutes. Add kitty ears or even a tail for an instant anime classic. Experiment with other things. It also might make a good poofy lolita skirt with some ribbons and bows added to the skirt.As the Hair Loss industry struggles to overcome the economic slump, most Hair Loss studios are working overtime to retain their clients by offering their clients multiple hair loss treatments and therapies under one studio roof. Many Hair Loss studios are now offering everything from Hair Extensions to Hair Volumizing Hair Systems, Custom Lace Wigs to topical Hair Loss treatments as well as monthly nonsurgical Hair Systems programs and the list of treatments goes on. Many studios, while trying to create the perfect treatment offering for their clients, are missing a large niche market among Hair Loss sufferers, by failing to offer what has become the ç´¿ottest Trend in Hair Loss Treatment: Laser Hair Therapy or as it has come to be known, Laser Hair Treatment. By offering an in-studio Laser Hair Treatment Studio Laser, studio owners are able to tap into a large market base in their regional areas. Typically, with an in-studio set up, Hair Loss practitioners install large studio lasers in a private room that require clients to visit the studio to sit under these studio lasers in recurring visits.

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