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Confused on how to know the right difference between the Indian, Chinese, Russian hair or brands ranging from Afro, Great lengths and Cinderella? According to various claims that real remy hair, which are often spelt in various ways including virgin hair and they are certainly like any other human and super synthetic hair. Such hairs can be easily clip in, braided, stitch in, glue in, attached and can be of great help whenever you need them. So you have ponytails, front lace wigs, special hair pieces or other such hair extensions for better use.Dr. O'tar Norwood, a dermatologist and distinguished hair transplant surgeon, expanded Hamilton's classification after conducting his own study of 1,000 men. The Norwood classification, published in 1975, is the most widely used classification for hair loss in men. It defines two major patterns and several less common types. In the regular Norwood pattern, two areas of hair loss - a bitemporal recession and thinning crown - gradually enlarge and coalesce until the entire front, top and crown (vertex) of the scalp are bald.Type I: No or very minimal hairline recession along the anterior border in the frontotemporal region.Type II: The anterior border of the hair in the frontotemporal region has symmetrc triangular areas of recession which extend no further posteriorly than 2 cm anterior to a line drawn in a coronal plane at the level of the external auditory meatus.Type III: The triangular areas in Type II extend posterior of the coronal plane which is 2 cm anterior to the external auditory meatus. This is the minimal level considered to represent baldness.Type III Vertex: Most of the hair loss is seen on the vertex.

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