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With human hair extensions you have the option of styling your hair in any style that you see fit and any hairstyle that is trending each season. There are numerous hairstyles for you to choose from as there are different human hair extensions that you can opt to go with as well. So say for example that you are looking to go with an elusive romantic hairstyle that is long, flowing and lush to the eyes, then your option would be to use skin weft hair extensions that are similar to regular hair extensions, only safer. However, why would I say that this hair is safer than traditional hair extensionsThe very first reason is that unlike traditional human hair extensions, skin weft hair extensions are not sewn or clued in. The skin weft hair extensions as well as other forms of temporary hair extensions such as the clip in extensions are 100% safe and will cause no damage to your hair at all. The skin weft hair extensions are hair that is added to your hair by taping it in using the adhesive tape that comes along with it and the clip in hair extension is simply that, something that you clip into your hair.This very rarely affects females. Acute diffuse alopecia - caused by physical or psychological factors like hormones, nutritional deficiencies or prescriptions. Chronic Diffuse Alopecia - due to nutritional, metabolic or endocrine matters. Women Most cases of hair thinning and loss are as a result of hormonal fluctuations, ie during pregnancy, childbirth or use of some methods of birth control. Women can also experience: Anagen effluvium - occurs due to chemotherapy. The matrix of the hair becomes damaged and, as a result, the hair shaft will narrow, eventually fracturing. Traction alopecia - caused by severe hairstyles, such as ponytails that are too tight, braiding, cornrows or the frequent use of extensions. These procedures pull at hair over a period of time but loss can be prevented if recognized and treated early.

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