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Androgenic alopecia is genetically determined and its development is related to age and presence of hormones and the corresponding receptors.The second most common form of alopecia is alopecia areata. This form of hair loss results in rapid loss of hair in circular or oval patches. It may be episodic or persistent. There is no definite reason why alopecia areata develops, but there is a genetic predisposition, and popular opinion favors an autoimmune disorder. Alopecia areata only affects 0.1% of people.Approximately 3 months after surgery, childbirth, crash dieting, other stressful events, hair can enter an extended resting cycle referred to as telogen effluvium. Usually <50% of the scalp is affected and recovery is complete once the triggering event is resolved.A wide range of medications can cause hair loss. The most widely known are chemotherapy drugs but other more common drugs including blood thinners and Vitamin A can cause hair loss. After taking the medications, hair growth is abruptly interrupted and growing hairs are shed after 1-4 weeks.Washing daily is ok if you have oily hairThis is one of the most-known hair-care myths that have been circulating around offline and online. It is easy to see why this has been widely promoted by the shampoo and conditioner industry. Almost all women's magazines have promoted this myth at least one time in their articles. At the end you will also get suggestions of hair products and shampoos for oily hair.Washing your hair every day and even every 2 days can lead to very oily hair and to a scalp that is stripped of natural oil and nutrients. Eventually, your hair will start getting oily 5 minutes after you get out of the shower and you don't want to end up washing it 2-3 times a day. The scalp produces sebum or hair oil for nourishment and protection. If it is already producing it in excess, washing it daily will only make the problem worse. Try to wash it 2 times a week and use all the aforementioned remedies to treat the oily hair condition.3.

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