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“Volumizer” Hair SystemsThese hair integration hair systems, as they can be called, are great if you still have existing hair and don’t want to shave it or wear a stocking to cover your hair loss. “It’s an excellent choice if you have diffused hair loss which means your hair is thinning and even if you have chunks or patches missing,” says Shelly Beatty, owner of StyleMakers Salon in Fort Worth, Texas. A ‘Reprieve’ is another term for this sort of non-surgical, glue-less hair system where your existing hair is pulled through the holes and permanently attached so it provides for very natural looking scalp. And you can sleep in it, wash it and partake in normal activities without anyone knowing about your hair loss, says Beatty.Kelsey DiDonato has now been doing hair extensions in the capital region for over seven years. When one wants long hair in a day, or thicker hair because their own hair is fine an extension is used and bonded to the hair shaft. In Hollywood this is seen all the time. It's also a technique used after cancer patients have lost their hair and the regrowth is just not the same. Kelsey has seen all of these situations and clients love her because no one ever knows their hair isn't really their's. She is known for her meticulous color matching skills. They also love her because she doesn't charge like you are a famous actress. The price is based on the amount of hair needed for the desired look but typically start at 400.00. Movie stars pay in the thousands for extensions. We can have them too at a more reasonable price and they can last for up to six months.

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