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Samurai would cut their hair when defeated in Medieval Japan. To this day, Sumo wrestlers have a "hair cutting" ceremony when they retire! In Japan, cutting hair was a symbol of defeat and lost of honor, very similar to the honorable Harakiri (ceremonial suicide practiced by the Japanese samurai when disgraced or under a death sentence). Women of samurai families used to cut their hair and even became nuns when she had to part her loved one, and to this day some Japanese girls cut their hair when they have had their heart broken!.Hair loss is a feature which is common in both the sexes but most of the women have feeling that hair loss is normal in women. Some of the women may lose hair at many different stages in their life. They start losing hair at the time of her first periods, during pregnancy and while washing them with shampoo.Most of the psychological effects in women related to hair loss are under estimated amongst most of the women. The main reason may be due to lack of awareness in most of the people related to women hair loss. Most women may respond differently to hair loss starting from slight to severe. Most of the women may even hide their hair loss. They may not discuss their hair loss with their physician or hair stylist. They may also find solution to develop new hair style to cover their hair loss. They may even try spending more time on other aspects of grooming other than hair.

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