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Low level laser therapy for hair loss has been hailed as a breakthrough by more physicians and plastic surgeons. It has been called one of the best hair loss treatment methods available today. It is non invasive and patients don't have to go through a daily routine of putting on and taking off wigs. Laser therapy works by stimulating the minute (small) blood vessels of the scalp, thus improving circulation and blood flow to the hair roots.Excessive hair fall can cause baldness. There are many hair care products available in the market which are costly and made up of harmful chemicals. There are many home remedies for hair loss which are simple to follow and effective when used. Excessive hair fall can lead to baldness. The market is filled with several hair care products which are not only costly but are made up of harsh chemicals. Using such hair products for longer duration can permanently harm our hair. There are several factors which may cause hair fall such as medication, hereditary reasons, genetic factor, age factor, excessive dandruff, stress and hormonal changes.Hair Loss Home RemediesThere are several home remedies for hair loss which are simple to follow and easy to use. Some of the most popular home remedies for hair loss are:1. One of the most effective home remedies for hair loss is the use of lemon juice. All you need to do is take a bowl and squeeze some lemon juice in it. Now add a part of banyan tree root in it. Mix them well and use this mixture to wash your hair. Later apply coconut oil on your scalp.

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