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In addition, women's wigs made from natural hair are so much expensive and come in limited supply. The typical human hair-wig usually costs for about several hundred dollars. Although wigs from real human hair can feel and appear real, it is also significant to note that the price and quality of ladies' wigs in general depend on the material used and where it is obtained.In the case of Gyllenhaal's wig, we don't know the costumer's vision, but these experts have a few suspicions. Sometimes it comes down to the actress not wanting to dye her hair or a matter of the wardrobe department simply using what was around. Whatever it was, it boiled down to a very bad wig. "There are wigs that are made specifically for the person that has it on," suggested Zeitoun. "That makes a big difference in how they look on camera and daytoday life. Maggie didn't have a natural part. And that's another thing that makes it not look natural. There's so much hair coming from where the hair is parted you can't even see a part. They could have diffused the hair a little bit, instead it looked like it was plastered on. Also they could have broken up the color. It was so dark, it looked even more wiggish."

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