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Let's first understand the basis of hair, prior to understanding how to maintain it. Firstly, most of the full lace wigs available in the curly texture are Indian Remy. As many of you know, Indian Remy hair is known as processed hair with two or more donors used to develop the hair system. It is more likely to tangle and shed because the cuticles are not intact. This type of hair with a straight texture such as silky straight or natural straight is sustainable. This means that the unit may shed but can be controlled with knot sealer and it may tangle, however with Kapenzo hair serum you're able to defuse and stop frizz and tangling on the spot.You also have the option to choose from hair thickening conditioners or leave-in conditioners that give the bouncy look to the hair.- Brushing Wet Hair:Do not brush your hair when wet. They are at the weakest of bonds in their roots when they are wet. Allow your hair to efficiently dry of all the moisture before you start stroking it with a comb or a hair brush. Also, after using a hair thickening shampoo make sure you use soft strokes of your hairbrush to maintain the thicker look.- Styling products:There are a number of good quality hair styling products that camouflage the hair loss and the appearance of large portions of scalp. Styling gels are to be avoided because it only gathers all the hair together just highlighting the empty spots on your scalp. Creams and lotions that add a lustrous and thick texture to your hair should be used if you need a new and fuller look with your thinning locks.- Hair extensions:If you haven noticed already, the best of the rich and famous celebrities use hair extensions.

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