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The reason you keep seeing the word "dye" in quotations on this webpage (as well as being used with the word "tone") is because there isn't such a thing as white hair dye. There is nothing you can put on your hair that will make it white in one step. White hair is a multi-step process. Anything that seems like white hair dye is always a toner-- usually purple-- that you can put in your hair to pull the brassy tones (oranges & yellows) out of your hair after you bleach it. (To cancel out a color, you use a toner that is the opposite color of it based on the color wheel. Hence, purple is the opposite of yellow. There are blue toners you can try out if your hair has more orange colors in it than yellow.)Both the full lace wig and the lace front wig come with a sheer lace base. As the name suggests, the former has a base made entirely of lace. This can be tied up into a ponytail or made into an up-do without proclaiming that it is false hair. In a lace front wig, the sheer lace comes only in the front where the hairline can be seen. This allows the user to part the hair in any style. The rest of the wig is made of less delicate material that is more resistant to tearing or ripping than the sheer lace. Some lace wigs make use of ÔéČbaby hair' around the temples to hide any lace on the forehead, thus creating a realistic hairline.

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