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International online entertainment recently reported Miss fruit Katy Perry famous photographer Francesco Carrozzini to shoot a new set photo large, large Katy Perry in a white wig, turned into a "Science and technology". Katy Perry, United States popular singer for the new album to shoot promotional photos, wear stylish wigs, blue color dreams, filled with unique personalities, the popular girl quest for color, fashion, alternative hairstyles, hair flower head wig, absolutely full of inspiration and dreams, let us enjoy the wear Bikini girl romance wig hairstyle!Britney Spears that singers like this red wig, on more than one occasion has two photogenic. Photo taken in January Chief 30th, it is said that she is now in slimming the body, and hope that in the near future, we see a new little sweetie. In addition to Rihanna, similarly like a fuss on the hair color is really a star in her circle of friends Katy Perry. In addition to the hair, she particularly loves bright colorful wigs. While previous Katy Perry are most commonly appears as a brunette, blonde but she is standard.Synthetic hair is lightweight, easy to care for, relatively inexpensive, and comes in a wide range of colors and styles. Avoid putting heat on synthetics, since they will melt. They are also very comfortable to wear, even under hot stage lights and during dance performances. Styles are durable; curly synthetic hairpieces stay curly, and straight styles stay straight.

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