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On the opposite side of things were the young “rebel-without-a-cause” types, in the mode of James Dean. The “D.A.” hairstyle (the initials stand for “duck's a**”) was created by combing hair straight back, splitting it down the center back with a comb, and greasing the whole thing abundantly with Brylcreem to maintain the characteristic form that resembled the rear view of a duck. The generous amounts of hair product used to make a D.A. led to the name “greasers” for the young men who chose to rebel through their hair. Associated originally with working class youth gangs (and later co-opted by middle class rebels), the D.A. was not the haircut that would gain parental approval when a teen came to pick up a high school girl for a date! Some fun movies that explore the clash of greaser vs. mainstream cultures of the 1950s are Grease and Cry Baby .The fashion of removing body hair has developed among the people nowadays. Many different techniques are available that can help in removing the hair for a long span of time. One of these techniques is the laser hair removal. This process is quite famous among the people of Dubai. The process of removing hair for beauty purposes has always been quite popular among the females. Almost every female that is above the age of 12 performs this act in different form and shape. However in the recent times, it has been observed that the trend of removing hair is becoming popular among men as well. These men want their hair to be removed for the maximum duration of time. Many different solutions have been made available to these people that help them in removing the hair on their neck, chest, back, shoulder and other parts of the body that contain additional hair. One of these solutions includes the process of laser hair removal.The first laser hair removal operation was experimentally performed 20 years ago. After that from the mid 1990s, the process has been made available commercially to the people.

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