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A wig wag device is used by some in the brake lights of a motorbike. 5 quick flashes of the right and left lights, then 3 short flashes of both together, and then 4 short flashes of both together, is a pattern used in many brake lights. The last four flashes get repeated till the user releases the brake. It is considered a better warning mechanism than a motionless light.Alcohol-based disposal of the advantages is that they are fast acting and leaves the skin residue or hairpiece. They must however be applied with a cotton bud (Q-tip) or a small soft brush (such as glue brush), because they can not be sprayed in the face. Alcohol also evaporates quickly, so some people rub too tightly to remove adhesive before the alcohol-based cleaner is gone. It can also be problematic for people with sensitive skin, because it can dry the skin and cause irritation.

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