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Place the unit in a large bowl or your sink, add a light shampoo and agitate. After washing, let the wig air dry or let it sit under a hooded dryer. Make sure it is completely dry since wet hair can cause mildew if reapplied and left. If you still see glue on the lace, take a pocket mirror and rub the lace across it. The glue will come off onto the mirror easily. You can then clean the mirror with a cleanser for regular use.Statistics show that most men have a 50% chance of experiencing hereditary hair loss by their 50th birthday. The severity and nature of baldness can vary greatly; it ranges from male and female pattern alopecia, alopecia areata, which involves the loss of some of the hair from the head, and alopecia totalis, which involves the loss of all head hair, to the most extreme form, alopecia universalis, which involves the loss of all hair from the head and the body. The term bald derives from the English word balde, which means white or pale, or the Celtic word - ball, which means a white patch or blaze, such as on a horse's head.Recognizing and treating an infection may help stop hair loss. If the thyroid gland is overactive or underactive, hair may fall out; treating thyroid disease will help remedy this. Correcting a hormone imbalance may prevent further hair loss.About 3 or 4 months after an illness or a major surgery, you can suddenly temporarily lose a large amount of hair; this hair loss is related to the stress of the illness.

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