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Electrolysis has the advantage of being safe and very effective, but it is very slow to perform and thus not particularly well suited to large areas from a cost point of view.Laser hair removal is the newest method of hair removal. Laser Hair removal is considered a hair reduction technique more than claiming to be an absolutely permanent method of hair removal. There are several large chain clinics offering laser hair removal all over the U.S including laser hair removal in San Diego. Laser hair removal machines work by using special types and frequencies of laser light to destroy hair follicles. The process works because the laser light targets melanin, which is the pigment in hair follicles. Laser light heats up the melanin destroying structures in the follicle without adversely affecting the surrounding tissue.When doctors do hair transplant surgery to replace eyebrows, they have to make sure that they put the hairs in so that they will point in the natural hair direction. For this, the surgeons use very fine gauge needles. They must also use this to help the hair to lie flat.Because the eyebrow hair is made of individual hairs, hair transplant surgery must involve creating those single units of hair. To do this, hair is taken from the scalp, just as in other hair transplant procedures. Then, the follicular units are divided into individual hair grafts. This is done with a stereomicroscope.Inserting these micro-grafts is a very tricky business. Creating the correct angles is difficult. If the patient does not have straight hair, her curly hair must be inserted by rotating it so that it lies even with the curve of the brow that is being made.

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