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Yaki Brazilian Hair Lace Front Wigs
To shampoo your wig properly fill up the bathroom wash basin, about half full or more, with cool to lukewarm water. Use wig shampoo which is specially made for this purpose. If you cannot obtain wig shampoo use mild baby shampoo as a substitute. Put about one tablespoon of shampoo in the water and stir it around with your hand to mix well. Using a wig brush (not an ordinary hair brush) brush the wig gently. Now put the wig in the wash basin and pull it back and forth and around very gently. Continue this for a minute or two till the wig is well shampooed. Then hold the wig in a gentle flow of cold water from the tap till all the shampoo is washed out of it.Upon calling for an appointment, you will be scheduled for a free consultation with Lazar, who will determine the amount of extensions that will work best for you (normally 50150 "strands"), dependent upon what you are looking for, and match them to your hair color. Extensions can be used for volume, length, color change, or all of the above. At your consultation you will schedule an appointment to have the extensions put in, which generally takes 12 hours. Other methods can take hours upon hours, so this is a time saver as well.

Full Lace Front Wigs
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