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Nowadays, it is very easy to achieve a new look without hassle with the help of real hair wigs. With the help of technology, you can now purchase these wigs online. There is a wide variety of wigs that are offered online that you can choose from. However, those that are made out of real hair are considered to be the best. Are you interested in getting a new look or are you currently undergoing chemotherapy In that case, it would really be a good idea for you to have your very own wig.Then clip each part.- Wear plastic gloves while mixing dye solution. Follow the directions written on the box.- Squeeze a small amount of coloring into one quadrant. Streak thin stripes of color over the whole area of the quadrant. Put a clip on the colored part.- Repeat the process after you have completed coloring the four quadrants.- Consult instructions on how long you should leave it. Add a couple of minutes of wait to that of the suggested treatment time.- Put on left over color mix to the entire head after a few minutes.- Rinse with cold water.Top 10 hair dying mistakes!- Number 10: Applying dye to dirty, tangled hairDeep condition your hair a month before dying to maintain color. Be sure your hair is relatively clean before applying. Trim hair especially dry and split ends to even out color. Hair should be slightly damp when dye is applied.

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