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If you too are a person who is suffering from the problem of dry hair, then it is time to bring about some changes in your lifestyle and follow some simple home remedies for dry hair, before its too late and your hair starts turning grey or starts falling.One of the most important things for dry hair is oiling. You must have often heard about 'warm oil treatment'. It is nothing fancy, but a simple home remedies for dry hair, which includes massaging your scalp and hair with warm oil. Do it twice a week and let the oil remain for a couple of hours before washing. Within just 2 weeks, you will see that your hair has become noticeably smoother and easier to manage.Change of shampoo and other hair care products is a must, if you are determined to treat your dry hair. Switch from chemical based shampoos to herbal-based shampoos.The theatrical wigs prove to be useful for both the performer and the makeup artists. Most makeup artists suggest wigs for the theatre artists as this saves them a lot of time in setting up the hair. For the artists it saves them from the worry of using loads of hair gels and sprays to set the hair every time they perform. The wigs give the artists a chance to be in the character totally and not worry about their hairstyle. They just need to be sure that that their wig is properly affixed.

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