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Beautiful hair is an investment. It follows, then, that beautiful hair extensions are an even bigger investment that require the right tools, and a little bit of care every day. To keep your hair looking runway-ready, Kapello Hair has designed a line of care products that promote hair extension health by targeting the causes of damage and dryness. Because extensions are comprised of non-living hair, they lack the nutrients that your natural hair receives from your body. Hair extensions that are mistreated may become tangled, matted, or dull; yet, proper hair extension care is simple once you have the right products!Kapello Hair Extensions Shampoo is a gentle, vitamin rich formula that provides deep moisture and cleansing for your scalp and hair. Infused with proteins, this shampoo ensures that hair extensions stay strong, sleek, and shiny, while keeping colour vibrant.Partial hairpieces are an excellent, instant way of regaining a fuller head of hair. They can be ready-to-wear or custom made to meet your needs and address the level of hair thinning. A method called Hair Integration involves blending a custom-made hair piece with your own natural hair and the results can change your life, boost your confidence and help you lead a normal, active life. Hair Integration pieces are secured to your scalp and can last for several months with maintenance. However, if your type of hair loss is gradual and continuous, it might be necessary to consider a full coverage ladies wig. This can be a difficult decision from an emotional point of view. The idea of wearing a full wig is cumbersome for many individuals. The concerns are that a wig will look unnatural, feel heavy or uncomfortable and fall off at any given moment.

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