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New Home Laser Hair Removal Method!Ten Little Secrets THEY Don't Want You to Know About Hair RemovalYou're done with the shaving, waxing and the mess. It is time to find out exactly which laser method is right for you - Doctor's workplace, specialist, or perhaps a convenient home method. IntroductionAs an esthetician for over 7 years one of the most requested services in our spa was hair removal. Within the couple of years since home laser hair removal became an option, the units have gotten better, and today one is six times faster than most Doctor's office lasers. It comes back to what is the most effective method for you. But the choice is not clear because the differences are difficult to discover. Inside the spa, no other service produced more concerns, fears, and frustration.Doctors for years have been very successful with attaining very natural results for people with these kinds of genetic ailments. That is not to say that the ingredients that are in some hair re-growth products would not help in the hair replacement presses but that is up to you and your doctor.A hormone called Androgen is what is responsible for hair growth in your body. What happens in some men is that an enzyme called 5 alpha attaches itself to the androgen hormone witch in turn allows testosterone to adhere to the Androgen hormone. The result is that instead of promoting hair growth the hybrid hormone called Dihydrotestosterone or DHT for short dramatically shortens your hair's growth cycle.Your hair goes through three distinct life cycles. First is the Anagen cycle. This cycle last two to six years and is when your hair is healthy and growing. The second cycle is called Categen.

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