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Often for men, this condition can be hereditary, and sufferers often feel that there is little they can do to reverse the process.B7 or biotin as it is often known, is an essential vitamin and inadequate amounts within the diet can lead to thinning. The human intestine produces a bacteria which creates this substance. However, foods such as banana and salmon can provide most of what is needed. Peanuts, liver and egg yolks contain high levels of this nutrient also. A deficiency in B7 can create several symptoms.Recent studies have suggested that the enzyme, DHT produced by testosterone, is the main culprit in male pattern baldness. Cleansing formulas that contain what are known as botanicals can prohibit the effect of DHT, therefore encouraging a reduction in balding and thinning. Other studies claim that growth is interrupted when white blood cells flood the follicle, to cleanse away excess dirt and oil. This process it is claimed, interferes with the natural function the follicle, leaving it less effective and unable to stimulate new growth.Most people take up wrong techniques such as hair replacement surgery for treating baldness, which can be extremely dangerous. It is advisable to take up natural techniques and products for promoting growth. Smart anti-hair loss system is one of the most effective product which contains nature based ingredients such as apple polyphenols, green tea and red tea. You can even procure its 14 days free trial version. It is advisable to evaluate your scalp for knowing the reason behind the loss of your curls.

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