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The Circle Extension from LUXHAIR鈩HOW鈩created by Tabatha Coffey is a one-piece extension on a thin, circular band. You may have heard of flip in or halo extensions, which are similar, but this is really something special. The Circle Extension gives you an instant hair transformation without clips or any other form of adhesive. A two layer weft of 18hair is attached to an invisible band, which slips around your head to add lush length and natural looking volume in seconds. The hair is revolutionary Keralon 鈩light heat resistant synthetic fiber, which allows you to style with heat tools up to 320 degrees. Lightweight, easy to apply and clip-free, the Circle Extension is a whole new kind of hair extension. And it's now available in 10" and 18" lengths.The three more popular hair dyes on the market are black, various shades of brown and lastly, red hair dye. While trends may change over time, red hair dye has always been a constant favorite. Red, the color of passion, fire and intimately linked with fertility and love. Whatever the reason for its popularity, there is no denying that I turns heads. Unfortunately, red is also one of the harder colors to pull off. And we will see why as we go along. Red hair dye molecules are much smaller than other colors, which means that it doesn seem to 渟tickas well. Also for this reason, red hair dye is one of the easiest colors to remove when washing your hair. Because of this, they generally do not last too long. But this doesn seem to deter consumers one bit.Hair coloring has its roots as far back as ancient Egypt. Today however, there are four main types of commercial hair dyes sold on the market. These are dyes that are permanent, semi-permanent, demi permanent and temporary. All of them have potential to damage your hair. Generally speaking, the lighter the color, the bigger the potential for damage.

Full Lace Front Wigs
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