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A few of the most popular methods are sewing, bonding and clip-ins. Sewing involves interweaving a weave into a client own hair in cornrows near the root, which can last over a month. Bonding is a term for the process of using special hair glue that can keep the extensions attached to the scalp for around a month if well maintained. And of course for those who like to change their mind a lot, clip-in extensions can come and go as quickly as you like and are great for days when you feel like mixing things up.Extensions come in a variety of qualities and textures. Depending on whether the extensions are synthetic or real, how they are processed, and the color, texture and consistency you want, extensions can range greatly in price. According to what type of hair you have, and the style you generally keep, you can choose extensions that will compliment your natural hair or assist in making your daily maintenance less complicated. Extensions can also make up for areas where your hair is not as thick as you would like.Besides, males have been learning what females have known ever since they started removing their body hair - There are some definite benefits to doing so.Less body hair means less body heat. Less body heat means less body odor. And we can all support that.But, perhaps even more of a benefit is the fact that removing body hair helps to define body shape. For females in particular, this applies to their legs. For males, their chests.That's why when body builders are getting their body ready for competition, they use some type of hair removal.And because there is such a growing trend towards complete body hair removal these days, we look to body builders and other athletes for information about the best way to accomplish it.But even for body builders, it hasn't always been easy to connect with the, "perfect", hair removal product or system.Before the mid 90s, body builders relied mostly on services employing people who became their personal body shaver. These people used a wet razor to remove the hair from the body builder's entire body a few hours before a competition. Then they'd oil them down.

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