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First, as professional research and Dr. Glenn Charles explained, the texture of body hair is different than scalp hair. It is often more coarse and as generally best used for "filler" in areas such as the crown that do not require as extreme precision to create "natural" density. In most cases, only beard hairs are suitable for transplanted to your hairline. Beard hairs are generally thick and grow individually in a straight pattern, similar native follicles to your hairline. In the zones just behind your hairline, other body hairs (such as hairs from the chest, legs or torso) are suitable.Second, body hair grows at a different rate than scalp hair. From misinformation that I read on the Internet, I was under the impression that this was undesirable. Dr. Charles, however, explained that BHT follicles remains in the anagen (growing) phase for longer and in the telogen (resting) phase for a shorter period of time than scalp hair. In theory, this would allow more hairs to be actively growing on your head at any given time.Third, not all body hair is ideal for transplantation. Arm hair is often very thin.O'Neil claims that after she gave up her crown, Osborne told her that she "wouldn't go far in this world". Jevan Goulter, the new pageant spokesman, said that O'Neil was asked to give up her crown because she "did not maintain the image she had when she won it." The question is, what is that image Physical appearance or personality Was she asked to give up her crown because she changed the color of her hair Or was it because she had a "bad" attitude towards the pageant director, which didn't emit a good personality You decide.

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