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Believe it or not, I loved my Jheri curl and thought it was beautiful on me. It actually made my hair grow like crazy. What they didn't tell you back then was that once you get the Jheri curl, there's no way of getting rid of it, so when I was over it, I ended up having to cut off all my hair and start all over again.Who comes to your mind when you first think of Jheri curl Michael Jackson in the days of Billie Jean, when he sported those loose curls. Right Jheri curl is a common and popular hairstyle in men and women of AfricanAmerican descent. This curly hairstyle got its name from its inventor, Jheri Redding, who was an icon of hair care products. The peak era of Jheri curl would be, late '70s and '80s hairstyle when numerous AfricanAmerican celebrities flaunted this hairstyle. This is a sort of hair perm style that offers soft and glossy curls to the individual who is wearing it. The process of getting this hairstyle is no less interesting either. There are a few ways of getting Jheri curl hairstyles.Lace wigs are very beautiful, natural looking and best for long, bouncy hair. These are made out of natural human hair (Indian Remy) and on average can be used for about one year. A good quality unit could be as costly as US $20000, which is definitely not a figure to sneeze at. However, you can find quality lace front wigs at affordable prices on the internet.

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