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So believing that you do suffer from a treatable form of hair loss what resources are there that will help alleviate the problemFirst and foremost.Diagnosis. Physicians and specialists in hair problems. Many and varied. Be sure to find a recommended one.Surgery would be deemed as a last resort for many. Involving among other treatments, plugs of hair being cut from the area's containing hair, generally the neck area and transplanted into the problem area. This does work and there are many specialized hair surgeons with satisfied customer lists out there for the finding. A definite favorite of the rich and famous. One problem though is that in the case of (MPB) the hair behind and around the transplanted area will continue to recede.Hair treatments.There are many varied brands and types out there all claiming astounding results. The best will offer a full guarantee with a full money refund. I would recommend using only a long established retailer for hair restoration products. One that does give guarantees, has FDA approved products and makes the process of hair restoration a pleasant one.In order to donate your hair, it will need to be long and not bleached, although hair that has been colored without using bleach is acceptable. It must be at least 10 inches long because several inches are used up in stitching the wig together. Most female cancer patients want to wear long wigs if possible, so very long hair is in demand by the wig-makers. If your hair is curly, pull it straight to measure the length.

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