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As hair health is highly dependent on proper nutrition this effectively strangles the hair and hair which is deprived of nutrients in this way will most likely thin, shrivel and die and not be replaced as healthy hair is.Once science fully understood how DHT affected hair growth it was possible to develop a successful hair loss cure and the first of these has been approved by the FDA is a male hair loss treatment. It is now possible to regain hair loss This product is named minoxidil and it increases the blood flow to the hair thereby restoring the ability of the hair follicle to take in nutrients. This allows the hair to absorb more nutrients and regain health.Yet although minoxidil was a successful hair loss cure it is now known that using minoxidil on its own is not as effective as other approaches.They typically work internally to keep your hair in a growth cycle. Some formulations eliminate DHT (DeHydro - Testosterone). DHT is considered the "bad testosterone" and is has to its credit as being considered the leading cause of male pattern baldness. When these herbs eliminate the DHT, they allow new hair to grow which, in turn, makes your own hair thicker. Many of these types of treatments also claim to work on all areas that are experiencing baldness such as a receding hairline, thinning hair, baldness and splotchy bald patches.OrganicOrganic hair restoration formulas are free of pesticides, hormones and chemicals. They are all natural and work to naturally restore your hair's thickness.

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