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You diet should have a regular supply of vitamins, minerals and water in your body to allow it to get all the nourishment it needs to Grow Natural Hair fast..Pay regular visits to your hair dresser. You might doubt that trimming your hair will help it grow better, but this is actually true. If you would like to grow healthy long hair, you should find a professional stylist to trim it for you regularly. Trimming implies shortening one's hair by a quarter or a half of an inch and is used to get rid of split or damaged ends. If you cannot find someone who can do a professional job trimming your hair, you will have to learn to do it yourself if you would like to have long hair. A trim for your hair may be required every six weeks to every three months, which greatly depends on the daily treatment of your locks. If you trim your hair properly, you can be sure that you will grow natural hair long fastGet your mane moisturized. Black hair tends to have less moisture and it is therefore essential to keep it moist with the right treatment.If your mane lacks moisture it will become dry and brittle and more susceptible to breakages.First of all, synthetic dreads need to be resealed every so often to maintain their shape. Although the ones that I custom make are double sealed to begin with so they never unravel all the way. But they do get a little puffy after a few party nights out. The main idea behind sealing synthetic hair is re-twisting the dread into the desired shape and sealing the dread with steam. If you have a kettle handy, the best way is to hold the re twisted dread over the steam that comes out of the spout of the teapot. The best teapots I have used are the portable ones you can buy at Target or Wal-mart.

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