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Hair is definitely one of the most precious and preserved part of the human body. Not only the females but the males also pamper their hair. Some of the most troubling hair problems are decaying hair, hair fall and baldness. If we consider the women especially, we will find that the ladies are striving hard to preserve their hair from the harmful external factors.You will find a number of people relying on the wigs and natural hair extensions with a view to cover up their baldness and rough hair. The hair extensions are the artificial yet effective way to transform the look. There are number of verities that you can find in the market near you. Depending upon the hair trends of your native place, you can choose the best that suits your style. You will find a number of thought provoking reasons which reveal the importance of using a human hair extension or a wig.Following are some of the tempting rewards that you can get by using the human hair extensions;1. To hide baldnessBaldness is one of the major issues that can hurt your appeal.To wash the wigs, it is a must to detangle the strands first. Lay it on the side and use a wig brush to comb out any tangles. Next, measure out the shampoo depending on the length and type of wig and fill a basin with cold water. Do not rub or wring the wig during the process as this might damage the hair strands. Gently rub the areas where contact is frequent such as the inside cap to remove oil and sweat build-ups. Rinse the wig and blot the excess water after without squeezing.

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