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Moreover, due to the emergence of microsurgical techniques, the operation is not as complicated as in the past with less cutting and skin damage involved. Some cases may require the use of body hair as fillers. When there are not enough healthy follicles on the head, hair in the arms or legs may be used. They may not have the same properties as the scalp hair, but they blend in nicely with the rest of the hair, dependant on the ability of the physician and of course, the body's reaction to the procedure. On the flip side, hair transplants may not be a prudent choice on certain females on account of their baldness pattern. While bald patches occur in males; women usually experience alopecia totalis, or the thinning of hair throughout the scalp. As a result, there are insufficient locations for obtaining enough follicles to transplant. Many women love to wear their hair long, and body hair may only give their head a horrible look and a bad hairstyle. Hair surgery provides an instant solution to severe cases of baldness but not all women and men are candidates for this surgery.For fashion conscious girls who like to change their look, hair pieces, wigs and clip ins are a great way to change your hairstyle without making drastic or permanent changes. Once you start to build up your hair pieces collection you wont remember how you lived without them, and will realise that wigs and hair pieces have their place in any occasion, not just for special events.Natural looking lengthMany suppliers of hair pieces offer natural looking extensions to your normal hair, which can be colour matched to seamlessly blend in. From clip or glue in hair extensions to instant volumising weaves, achieving the length and thickness you always wanted is just a step away. Highly fashionable this season is the bouncy high ponytail, and if your own hair is left looking a little flat, then it's easy to boost your look with one of the ponytail hair pieces available. They wrap simply and quickly around the base of your existing ponytail and add volume, glamour and a nice bounce to your existing pony. Weaves or wigs?If you need more than a clip in hair piece to get your look, you may want to think about a wig or a weave.

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